A bit about me…where to start?!

I am currently a Corporate Communications and Public Relations Student at Centennial College. I began writing this blog as part of my Online PR course but it is starting to become an addiction. I am constantly finding myself talking about or thinking about something and then I realize I want to write about it. It’s just finding the time to type all of these ideas out that is the real challenge. I am starting to find a connection to PR from a lot of aspects of my life so I’m sure I’ll continue to be inspired to keep up my blog once this course is done.

Apart from that, I love to travel and have been to many fascinating places; New York City, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia.  I also love to read (especially US Weekly and Harry Potter novels) and watch TV. I’m an entertainment junkie but that is my outlet in my spare time. I also love to write and am doing my best to learn all I can about PR before I actually start to put all this knowledge into practice in just a few short months!


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