We blog to exist

I was watching the series premiere of quarterlife last week and the main character is starting a blog talking about her life, roommates and friends.  But something she said really struck me, “We blog to exist.” 

This got me thinking about the blogs started by myself and my classmates.  While some have already said they will likely discontinue their blog once our online PR course is over, many of us have said we will keep ours going.  Why is that?  Because social media is becoming a very important part of a PR professional’s skill set and also because we have heard quite a few stories about people in the business landing our dream jobs because the professionals they were interviewing with had already heard of them and on some occasions, had pursued them because of their blog. 

Those of us who are going to continue our blogs I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, are blogging to exist to those in the business that we are trying to impress.  We want to exist before the other up-and-coming PR professionals we are competing against; we want to exist before they are even a blip on our potential employer’s radar.  If we are known and they like our blog, they will know more about us than even the best interview can provide.  They can see our writing style and know a bit about our thoughts and opinions to determine if we are someone they would like to meet with and if we would be a good fit for their company.

 Basically, I want to prove to my future employers that not only do I know about social media, but I am already in the space and am out there for anybody to see.  I am confident enough to put myself out there for judgment, scrutiny and to exist to anyone who finds me.


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