I can see your lips moving, but all I hear is blog, blog blog…

I’m sure many of you visiting my blog may be wondering why I decided to call it “Little Black Dress”.  Rather than have you focus on that over what I am writing, let me get the explanation out of the way.  I was uninspired by the name “Shauna Turpie’s Blog” but couldn’t come up with anything catchy or creative on my own, so I decided to get some help from my Elle magazine.  While flipping through the pages, trying to keep my focus on coming up with a name and not on all the clothes, I passed an article called “Little Black Dresses.”

This got me thinking, every woman needs a little black dress, and it is appearing more and more that PR professionals need a blog, or at least need to be aware of them.  So just like a little black dress is necessary for a woman, a blog is necessary for a PR professional.

If you don’t believe me, you didn’t attend “Talk is Cheap” at Centennial College in November.  I, along with a team of my peers in the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Postgraduate program guided by teacher Gary Schlee, put on the event for PR practitioners to learn more about social media.  The event turned out over 150 PR professionals from the GTA and was a huge success.  After that event, I knew this was something I was going to have to learn more about.

Still, the idea of starting this blog was a bit daunting.  I remember during Julie Rusciolelli’s presentation at “Talk is Cheap”, she said that blogging isn’t for everybody, so don’t force it.  When Gary told us that one of our assignments for our online PR class was to create a blog, I was obviously nervous as I didn’t want to destroy my reputation by displaying horrible writing for all to see.  However, after coming up with this fun name and having now finished my first post, I think I’m going to be alright.  I hope you all agree and enjoy my blog 🙂



  1. ClothesPRess Said:

    Well, well, well, how many ways do I agree with thee, let me count the ways…

    I definitely feel your pain about this whole blogging mess.

    All the pressure of coming up with though provoking topics, impressive comments, regularly posting, initial step up and coming up with an appropriate name.

    I am still a tad bit apprehensive about this whole thing, but as Rayanne commented on her blog, what else can we do but get started. None the less I must admit that I will not be rushing into any nose dives and start writing any time soon. Most likely this will not be before um, February 15th (you can take an educated guess why, lol), but this comment definitely seems to be a good start.

    I just find the whole thing scary and understandably liberating. I mean my opinion up for anyone to see. I can’t help but get the feeling, who cares what I think, who I am, what I am doing that is interesting enough to discuss; really, who cares.

    I mean my biggest fear along with many colleagues is that we might stunt the growth of our reputation before it even gets the chance to blossom. Therefore we must continue to be careful of what we say to people in person, on facebook, in emails and now on our blogs.

    Now back to your blog, I am really feeling the name. I think it is cute unique and rather appropriate for “your space.”

    Along with you and Colleen I too plan to blog about the field of public relations, my premature endeavours, clothing and fashion. However, it is quite scary being that we have all been fairly warned “don’t blog unless you have something worth wild to say”.

    Shauna, if you ever feel like no one out there is listening you should find comfort in the fact that I do promise I will be reading and I am truly interested in what you have to say.

    For the future of myself and blogging, I guess all we can do is wait and see.

  2. Lisa Caroline Leung Said:

    You have a great first post, you’ll be an excellent blogger Shauna:)

    The fashion industry is so much edgier than other areas we can go into…be sure to show your creativity and edginess and you’ll be well served.

    Just be yourself!

  3. Kristen Zemlak Said:

    I love the name of your blog!

  4. Karin Archer Said:

    What a smart and quirky name! I love it. I also love the comparison between women needing little black dresses and PR professionals needing blogs.
    I agree with you about being scared to have our writing out there for all to see, but by your first post, I don’t see anything to worry about!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Julie R. Said:

    Love the name of your blog as I have many little black dresses. As for dipping your toe in the blogging waters, I think that’s great and glad you listened to what I had to say. But beware, starting a blog is easy, it’s like joining a health club — it sounds like a great idea at the start, but keeping up with it is the real test. Filling your blog with great content to stir conversations, continual idea flow and have some kind of audience feedback mechanism is critical. I’ll check back in a few months … and see how you’re doing. — The PR Maven.

  6. Joe Chawla Said:

    Great post Shauna … but what about us guys?

    Blogging is important for us too … but I doubt we need the little black dress! Or do we … hmmm…

    Excuse me, I am going shopping…

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